i wish you could reach inside yourself and rip your feelings out so you could put them on a table and just point and be like “look this is how i feel this is what i’m trying to say” because for the first time in my life i feel utterly restricted by words and i’m sure a lot of other people do as well

This is exactly how I feel right now… Ugh.

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Confidence, An art form

So first off let me preface this by saying, I’m not writing this to get compliments etc. I just need to get something off my chest that is bothering me today.

I’ve got to say, confidence is an art form that I have yet to accomplish… I don’t know what it feels like. I’m clumsy and awkward. I don’t dress in new fashions and I certainly don’t know the current makeup trends etc.

Some women just exude confidence and I wish it was something I felt..

I know I’m not ugly and many people have told me I’m one of the prettiest women they know. Etc etc, then why don’t I feel that way? Some days I just feel so small and awkward and just simply unattractive. I hate that feeling and I just wish I knew how to permanently get rid of it! I also wish I had money to actually dress in nice clothes.. But of course I still wear clothes that are 6+ years old…

People out there that have this thing called confidence, where does it come from? How do I own it?

I love Halloween!!

Wonder fuck.

Guess who is single again!?!???!! Yup, this gal right here… I don’t know why I can’t find happiness in love but I’m getting sick of it. Anywho, I’ll probably be back for awhile writing about whatever. Broken heart achieved… Now what?

Hello my tumble butts!!!!!

Hello my tumble butts!!!!!

Q&A from thedude74-deactivated20140119

You realize that you are a hard woman to find , thanks for the follow so I could follow you back


Yes, I’ve been told I’m a hard woman to please, errr find I mean find!

Weight in Cheetos…

I just polished off a bag of Cheetos… And I wonder why I don’t lose weight after working out for two hours a day…


That… doesn’t look like icing. 

Spoodge earrings??


That… doesn’t look like icing.

Spoodge earrings??

Bettie is in time out…

Ok… I just had a bat shit crazy girl meltdown… OMG. What is wrong with me. My emotions are on super high overreact mode. So not cool.

I got into a fight with the boy because I was pissed off at traffic and because he didn’t respond like I wanted him to when I was complaining… Then he hung up on me because I was yelling at him… I went all cray cray on him… And got even more angry when he hung up… Though he should not have hung up on me, I should not have yelled at him for no god damn reason!

Losing my shit is not cool. Now I’ll just sit here in the corner by myself and think about what I did…

SST!?!?  My boobs look huge from this angle… Who am I kidding, they look huge from any angle!

SST!?!? My boobs look huge from this angle… Who am I kidding, they look huge from any angle!

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